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This Beetle came to the current owner in February 2020 in original silver with a noble interior. It has black leather seats with heated seats, a leather steering wheel and cruise control, and the indestructible 1.9 litre diesel engine with 5-speed gearbox. So the ideal basis to customise something special out of this attempt on Volkswagen’s part to bring a retro Beetle onto the market.
Because the previous owner, F.H. from Kiez Kustoms, had already fitted off-road wheels and, just like the owner, he never wanted to drive around in such a vehicle in its original condition, he recognised the conversion potential and transformed the Beetle into a desert-coloured DUNE BEETLE in a two-week campaign in the Motoraver garage. So, in terms of quality, it is miles away from a high-quality expedition vehicle that takes several months to build.

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The conversion measures include:
– Matt paint in sand beige (1K paint from Militärlacke.de)
– Front and rear apron shortened by approx. 20 cm
– Reversing lights and rear fog light modified
– Mudguards sawed out by 5 cm
– Beetle running board rubber
– paint stripped from the bonnet (it took ages for the rust to spread)
– Auxiliary headlamp from the agricultural machinery accessories + cover
– Bracket for spade (I still need a spade for the beach holiday)
– Front indicator protection made from drawer handles
– Rear window partially painted (beetle window look)
– Bracket for Maglite torch
– Rear lift 20 mm
– Wheel spacers front 10 mm, rear 15 mm
– Inner wheel arches missing because of wheel clearance
– Audi A3 forged rims with as new General Grabber tyres
– Protective grille for radiator and intercooler
– Bonnet opening handle from drawer specialist shop
– rear rack from Mazda MX 5
– there is a skull on the aerial
– with the seat folded down, 12 crates of beer and a female passenger fit inside!

The seller answered some questions in advance.

It still has Tüv until August 2021.
1. no, the wheels are NOT registered, of course, because the TÜV thinks it’s stupid. Rolling circumference 12 % more and so on. I didn’t give a shit. If you want to cry, you can fit the original steel rims, they are included.
2. the rest of the conversion is TÜV-compliant!
3. I won’t fix the defects, because they never bothered me.
4. it had a hit in the front, the bumper support behind the skirt is crooked. But nobody can see that!
5. I won’t take anything in trade
6. you can have a look at it if you are really interested in it
7. you may kick the tyre with much knowledge and only then act.
8. you can transfer it immediately, it is registered.
9. it is reliable and has never let me down for a year
10. it’s even a lot of fun, even off-road

Parts that are not properly working.

Transverse acceleration sensor defective
Airbags offline (nobody needs them)
Coolant temp reports from time to time without reason
Electrical system right window lifter only works when it wants to
Reversing light contact switch broken
Handbrake has play (used too often in winter)
One sleeve of the drive shaft has a small crack
Battery a bit lame

Basic Information:

NEW Beetle DUNE Conversion
Type 9c
1,9 litre
66 kw
year 2001
248.000 km
brakes, timing belt ok
MOT 08/2021
Diesel Euro 3
Green sticker (from where ever)
Audi A3 forged rims
General Grabber 215/75 15
Original rims with 195/65 15
Special colour sand beige RAL 7027
Radio cassette CD changer
Wheel spacers front 10 mm rear 15 mm
Leather steering wheel
Leather seats
Seat heating
Cruise control
Additional headlights (not connected)

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1.9 Diesel






Germany, Jork

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