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VW Typ4 412LE Variant

  • Showroom Condition
  • rare Model
  • restored


1972 VW Type4 412 Variant

According to the previous owner, a master painter, there were only 2 very minor welds on the front inner wings before he repainted the orange Variant in 2009.

After the repainting, the car was hardly moved and spent its life in the showroom of the paint shop.

However, there is disagreement about the mileage of the 412: the condition of the bodywork suggests just under 60,000 km, the service sticker in the door suggests 160,000 km.

So or is this a truly exceptional vehicle of its kind, as this large VW, unlike most of its peers, was ordered in a really sparse trim level. No trim, no wheel arch chrome, no rear vent windows suggest a 412E model, whereas the complete headliner would suggest an LE.

As this is a very early (early 1972) 412, various things may have changed in the course of the model update.

The early cars had the same 1.7l injection engine as the small VW Porsche 914 and also the same power.

80 hp make the station wagon look like a standard model, but not overly sporty.

What the car seems to be missing is rust. At least none can be seen on the surface, although the 411 and 412 models were known for excessive corrosion.

The seats have been reupholstered by the previous owner to his liking. The headliner and door panels are still in their original condition.

The folding rear seat also works perfectly and gives a huge loading or lying area.

As the supply of spare parts for cars of this type is extremely difficult, one is well advised to secure such an almost complete and original example.

We could only find a few missing parts, such as the mudguard piping, for which replacements are available.

Unfortunately, the standard air heater was removed in the past.

The heater jackets have been removed from the heat exchanger on the exhaust.

This 412 Variant is an extremely solid and little driven car with very manageable mileage. The rare economy equipment and the good care by the previous owners make it a very desirable vehicle.

In addition, the VW 412 has H-registration.

A very rare vehicle at every classic car event and absolutely suitable for everyday use.

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ich bin neu hier und möchte gern in Erfahrung bringen wie ich mich um dieses Fahrzeug bemühen kann?
Vielleicht kann mir jemand einen Tip geben.
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2 years 2 months ago

Hallo @Gregor, bitte schick eine Mail an info@getyourclassic.com