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VW Beetle “Brezel”

  • 1952 Split Window Beetle
  • 100% matching
  • untouched original

Gewinngebot :38.700,00


1952 Marks a Special Year for the Volkswagen Beetle.

It is the only year where the Cars had a Special

Ventilation built-in for the hot Summer Days.

These sideflaps are called Croth Cooler, because, you know why.


This Brezelkäfer was delivered new to Belgium and stayed there all his live. As it was always taking good care of, it never received a new paint and still has his original Interior. The original engine still powers the Bug and all the technics and electronics are fully functional.

It is very rare to find a beetle in this unrestored and original condition. Bid on the chance to own this rare untouched piece of automotive history.

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