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Porsche 924 Turbo

  • early 924 Turbo
  • original colour
  • Leather Interior

Gewinngebot :12.000,00


This original Porsche 924 Turbo was delivered on September 8, 1980 in Salzburg in the rare color Indian red with the very rare black leather interior. It was ordered at that time with pretty much all extras. Among other things electric windows and electric mirrors. One day later it was registered in Vienna and since then it remained in Vienna until it was deregistered in December 2001.

The Turbo was repainted once in its original color during its lifetime. It has the sporty five speed gear shift with the 1st gear on the left rear.
At the moment original Porsche/Kronprinz steel rims in the size 6×15 are used.

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GYC 30. November 2020 15:38 12.000,00
Drivestyle 29. November 2020 19:14 11.800,00
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