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Lawil Willam Lambretta S3 Postman

  • Microcar
  • Ultrarare
  • Body-Off Restoration

Lawil S.p.A. was an Italian automobile manufacturer that existed from 1967 to 1988 and had its headquarters in the city of Pavia. The company originated from the Italian company Lambretta and goes back to the idea of Henri Willame (director) and the designer Carlo Lavezzari, who wanted to deal with the production of passenger cars in addition to motorised tricycles and scooters. Accordingly, the name: LAvezzari + WILlame.

M. Willam was president of Lambretta France, his connections allowing him to create a large microcar empire in France in the next two decades. Willam was basically a marketing label for a variety of foreign-made vehicles to be sold in France. As head of Lambretta S.A.F.D. in Levallois-Peret, M.H. Willam first presented Lambretta-engined prototypes at the Paris Salon in 1966, which were actually manufactured by Scattolini in Italy.In 1967, he formed an alliance with Lawil (which is surely a contraction of Lambretta and Willam) of Italy, which produced a range of microcars sold in France under the names Willam City and Wilam Farmer. It would appear their main selling point was you didn’t need a proper driving licence to drive one.


This 1976 Lawil Willam Lambretta Postman has just completed a Body Off Restoration.

It is now in better than new condition and is looking for the next Owner.






Lambretta, Postman






Kielce, Polen

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