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BMW Isetta 300

freshly restored

3 Owners

Panorama Dach



The BMW Isetta is a very small vehicle that was built under licence by the Bayerische Motorenwerke from 1955 to 1962.

Picture credit BMW.com

The “Motocoupé” goes back to a development by the Italian manufacturer Iso Rivolta and belongs to the so-called cabin scooters. Characteristic features of the Isetta are the front door and the single-cylinder four-stroke engine in the rear.

picture credit BMW.com

Today, the BMW Isetta is an extremely sought-after classic car. And one would probably call it a Micro Mobility Vehicle. The smallest car from Munich combined a clever concept with the charm of modesty. Nevertheless, the Isetta was by all means a complete automobile for its time. However, it owes its birth to an emergency situation. BMW was on the verge of bankruptcy in the mid-1950s: motorbike production was declining. In the car sector, the large vehicles such as the Types 503 and 507 represented a subsidy business, as they were (too) lavishly produced. “So the first goal was to get a car into the model range that would bring money into the coffers as quickly as possible,” explains Axel Klinger-Köhnlein, an expert at BMW Group Classic.

picture credit BMW.com

BMW therefore needed a new model without having to incur major development costs. At the 1954 Turin Motor Show, BMW found the solution: on the stand of Iso Rivolta, an Italian manufacturer of refrigerators and mini cars, there was a three-wheeler with a huge front door: the Iso Isetta. The BMW delegation acquired the licensing rights for the Isetta and the production facilities at the same time.


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This Isetta 300 was built in 1959 and sold to Germany before it found its way to Sweden. The Car is painted in the beautiful colour of resedagrün. The Isetta was completely restored to bring joy to the new owner on the next Journeys. It features a “Panorama Dach” to have that extra View when crossing the mountains. It had 3 owners from new and the last one kept it for 20 years.












298 ccm




Berlin, Deutschland

Guide Price

€ 19.000 – 23.000

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