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A-Team Van



The van of the A-Team is a GMC van of the 1983 G-series. Presumably, B.A.’s van is a G-15 (500kg payload possible), because it was typically intended for passenger transport. The engine (5.7 L. V8) had had about 240 hp, modified by Universal Studios in the areas of air intake and carburettor.


The interior was rather utilitarian, yet flashed with elegance in places. Integrated were white leather seats with armrests, all swivelling. Furthermore, there was a CB radio, a gun box in the rear and several fog lights on the roof or on the front body. As can be seen nicely in the picture, yellow fog lights and the white normal headlights are fitted.


The paintwork is memorable to every fan: a kind of dark silver shimmer on top, and plain black (no metallic) on the bottom. Both colours are separated by a red stripe, which runs from the front to the back, but always drifts upwards. The rims were painted black / red and fitted with 235/65 15 front and 275/65 15 rear tyres.

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