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1954 Opel Olympia Rekord

  • unrestored
  • 2 Owners
  • 25000km

Gewinngebot :7.800,00

The competition was shocked when the new Opel Olympia Rekord was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in March 1953, not so much because of its modern pontoon shape, but mainly because of its competitive price, which was only slightly higher than the VW Beetle. For a car that was positioned at least one class higher.

Opel Olympia Rekord (1953) – Präsentation auf er Automobilausstellung in Frankfurt
© Copyright / Fotograf: GM Corporation / Opel


The post-war period was not an easy one for car manufacturers in Germany, even Opel still produced mainly the cars that had come off the assembly line in the 1930s, the Beetle was also a pre-war invention. But the customers became more demanding and also more numerous. In 1953, Germany was still completely underpowered in comparison to other countries; there were 37 inhabitants per car in West Germany, 21 in Switzerland, 15 in Great Britain and just three in the United States. No wonder, if American ideas were to make things right for Opel in Germany, and the Olympic record presented at the 1953 Frankfurt Motor Show was a big hit.


Opel Olympia Rekord (1953) – mit Pontonkarosserie
© Copyright / Fotograf: GM Corporation / Opel

This 1954 Opel Olympia Rekord was bought new in 1954 at the Opel Dealer Walter Rudhart in Hannover. It was driven rarely from the 1.7.1954 onwards so that it only collected 22.000 km over the period of 62 years until the second and present owner purchased the little Opel.


Within the 62 years, it was Serviced and maintained regularly which can be seen in the Overall condition and the Service Book.

The Present Owner added Headrests to the Front Seat to increase the Passengers Security.

Additional the Rust and Accident-Free Body received a new Paint in the Original Colour on the outside. The Interior was kept completely original, which you see on the Seats. They show some slight signs of their age.

The last TÜV was done in 2016 when the owner purchased the vehicle. Since then he added just a few Kilometres to the Car, summing up to 24.885 km.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a rust-free unrestored Opel Olympia Rekord from the first Series.

After the successful auction, the Opel will receive fresh TÜV







Olympia Rekord








1488 ccm









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